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Do you feel like your current headshot and/or commercial images truly represent your brand? It’s important to put your best foot forward, especially in business. There are so many options for potential new customers to choose from and it’s easy to get lost in the mix! So how do you set yourself apart? Stand out with a high quality headshot. Let me help!

The most rewarding part of my work as a photographer is building relationships with my customers. Over the years customers have turned into cherished friends as those relationships have grown. I’ve had the privilege of being a part of some of the biggest milestones of their lives! I certainly don’t take that lightly. It’s an honor to be trusted with such precious moments. Building relationships is vital to the success of any business. In a world focused on social media, internet advertising, and LinkedIn that first impression for new clients is often times your headshot. I recently attended a training that stated that people who had a quality headshot on their LinkedIn profile were roughly 27 times more likely to be contacted by a recruiter for a job opportunity, and I believe it!

How you visually choose to present your personal brand is important. You want to highlight your unique personality while conveying things like trust and integrity. At the same time, if you’re kickass there’s no reason to hide that! Authenticity matters and one of my biggest joys is showing that from behind my lens. It’s also important to think about what style you prefer. A classic white or black background is extremely popular as the simplicity allows you to shine as the main focus. A beautiful brick wall or urban background is also popular. Lighting is also important! I recently traveled to California to attend a workshop taught by Peter Hurley and learned a new lighting technique. The triangle lighting technique definitely brightens the eyes and I’ve loved incorporating this into my toolbox. That moody lighting just keeps getting moodier….and I love seeing those eyes pop!

But Crystal, what do I wear??? I’m glad you asked and I knew you would! I recommend solid colors with little to no pattern. Wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Don’t forget to iron ;). Ladies, I recommend keeping jewelry to a minimum. I have an amazing makeup artist available for full makeup application upon request. Gentlemen, I recommend getting a fresh haircut a few days prior, and if you plan to shave…don’t forget! If you need a refresh or a new headshot I’m here to help! Let’s make some kickass images…in the most professional way!


quality headshot in spokane
Spokane quality headshot
high quality headshot
quality headshot in spokane

When you’re ready to book your headshot session in Spokane (I can come to you too!) I’m ready. Check out my commercial headshot pricing and shoot me an email to get the conversation going!

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