High School Senior Portraits with Fire

real fire senior pictures in spokane

Have you seen anything more unique than senior portraits with fire? I must say, I am feeling very proud of my last high school senior portrait experience! I strive to give my clients an unforgettable experience when they are on the other end of my lens, and I killed it. If you have seen my Instagram post casing the shoot, you know I brought my “A game”! To quote Ms. Alicia keys, “THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE!”

I am always looking to grow my ability to produce senior portraits that are one of a kind and speak to my client’s personalities. So, when I meet new people that could potentially help me provide flare to a future high school senior’s image, I add that individual to my network. I knew for sure when I met MK that he could add an exhilarating element to someone’s session. That element is FIRE. MK is a fire breather. Yup. I have a fire breather in my professional photography networking bag! I get to work with the most talented people that Spokane has to offer.

This high school senior portrait experience was put together for two young athletes. Avan, the catcher for Ridgeline High’s baseball team in Liberty Lake Washington. The other, Luke, a lacrosse player for Mead High School. Both of these young men were stoked to work with fire during the session and so were their parents! Everybody’s energy was sizzling.

The first thing our fire breather did was walk us all through safety measures to ensure no one was injured. (We like to do things on edge, but mom and dad can rest assured that high school seniors are safe at all times during their senior portrait experience.) Both of the boys, and their athletic gear, had precautions taken so the fire could actually be held. How many kids in high school can say they have actually held a ball of fire? Avan can. How many Lacrosse players can say that their crosse is on fire? Luke can.

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