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Boudoir poses are fun, sexy and unique to each individual’s comfort level.  I can tell right away if a boudoir pose does not fit you.  It has truly become an art over the years with a lot of work and dedication.

It’s silly really, how much time I spend thinking about women in lingerie and sexy under garments. Hey! It’s part of the job!  I look for inspiration for my boudoir poses everywhere I go. It isn’t unheard of, for me to see strangers walking down the street and pause to think, “Oh! She would do great in the studio!” I observe how woman move walking in the grocery isle or a coffee shop, and watch how men react to them.  We communicate so much with our bodies without even knowing it.  Have you ever seen two people fall in love with each other and dance around one another for a moment, part from ways and never exchange a word?  Its like a two-minute love affair.  I take these observations and work to guide you in to boudoir poses to express your sexiness in the most natural way possible.  I can even get lost appreciating other artist’s work and day-dreaming about adapting poses for my clients and my style.

From my personal experiences, observations, online-research, and practice I have developed a wide repertoire of poses to put my boudoir goddesses in.  I try to capture personalities and the ladies’ own style along with my unique approach to sexy images.  We will be sure to find positions that you feel confident, hot and beautiful in.

Take a look through some of this bombshell’s images and get an idea of which poses you find the most alluring! Miss M was all about losing inhibitions to knock her husband’s socks off. Her goal was to achieve a jaw-dropping reaction, I think we nailed it. If I could be a fly on the wall when your lover receives their album!!

I am willing to try anything that gets you excited about your shoot!  Its all about you, I am just here to document it!

Boudoir photoshoots can make the best wedding or Valentine’s Day gifts for that special someone. Call or email today to book your shoot! It takes about 5 weeks to shoot and get the product back in your hot little hands. Give yourself plenty of time!

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