Photographer “On Vacation” In Glacier National Park

When a photographer goes on vacation, we really don’t ever go “on vacation.” I have told myself many times, “Just leave your camera at home. You don’t need another project. Other people will be taking a ton of pictures…yada yada yada.” I had this same monologue with myself regarding this past weekend. I had a phenomenal friend plan and organize a women’s get together in Whitefish, Montana. I really had planned on leaving the camera and laptop at home. No camera, no computer, no business correspondence. Until she posted the most breathtaking pictures of where we would be snowshoeing in Glacier National Park. “CRAP!!!! NOW I HAVE TO TAKE MY CAMERA!!” There was no way I would ever forgive myself if I didn’t bring my professional camera. Blah, but at the same time, YAY!
So normally I am a HUGE planner when it comes to vacations. I enjoy mapping out all the details and finding cool little local shops…not that I’m not spontaneous…I just prefer to not be surprised and confused by my surroundings. My friend had taken care of lodging, snowshoe rentals, private yoga classes and snacks and drink for the entire weekend for 16 women! Now all I had to do was show up. I didn’t even look up my driving route. When I RSVP’d do the event on Facebook, I was stoked to be able to have a couple of days filled with laughs, relaxation and just ME time.
Evelyn and I carpooled Friday afternoon and I don’t think a lick of music was played. We talked and bonded even more the entire way there. Friday night we met all of the other women who we would be joining on this little escape, went out for great bar food, played a little ping pong and danced the night away. Saturday was our outdoor adventure in West Glacier National Park. We threw all of our gear on and trekked the snow-capped trails 2.5 miles into the park. Each time we took a turn there was another jaw-dropping scene that required a photo-opp. The dark trees against the rolling white and blue hills created a contrast that was unbelievable. The melting ice that was sliding down the side of the textured rock was mesmerizing. I don’t know how long I stood watching the little sparkling droplets of water drip from the icicles as the sun caught them in the perfect light. Hearing the water gently rush by as we walked across its frozen edges only complimented what we were seeing with our eyes. It was magical. It was refreshing. It was kick-ass awesome!
I had another winning moment when I thought about how I almost didn’t bring my camera. Again.
After the 5-mile adventure we were driving back to the lodge and stopped at a vibrant site on the side of the road. Massive icicles that were covered in a rainbow of colors. Does anyone know how they did this?!? I’ve been researching and cannot find any articles on it. So FUN! After a freezing 5 minutes of more photo-opps we  drove back, hit the hot tub, got ready for dinner and met all the ladies again for another night filled with laughs, pictures, great food and the most amazing dance moves the world has to offer.
Thank you to all of you phenomenal women for the great memories and new friendships!
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