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Whether you’ve always aspired to be a photographer or you received your first camera as a gift, learning the trade can be extremely frustrating. If you don’t enroll in photography classes or jump in with both feet determined to fully understand your camera, there’s a good chance you won’t find the passion for photography. In my opinion, it is imperative that any person seriously interested in operating a camera take photography lessons. Online videos can be great, and work fantastically for some people. Other people require in-person and hands-on instruction with further explanation. For these people, I offer group and individual photography classes in Spokane on a monthly basis.

With today’s technology, cameras are becoming increasingly sophisticated. You can set the machine on Auto mode and come away with some downright beautiful photos. Other times you fire away with fingers crossed that a handful will turn out. It’s hard to predict when the camera will deliver sharp and crisp photos…especially when the moment really counts!

The purpose of my group photography workshops is for you to make all of the decisions when taking a photo, not the camera. When the camera makes the decisions it doesn’t know if your subject is moving quickly or where you want it to focus. The biggest complaint I hear from my students is that the photos are blurry when shooting indoors. What’s happening is that the camera is reading the available light and slows down the shutter speed to bring more light onto the sensor. Which results in a blurry moving-subject or the entire photo is blurry if you’re not using a tripod. When you’re in control and choosing the functions, you will know to select a faster shutter speed to freeze the moving subject.

When you come into the studio for photography classes I explain the required basics to understand your camera’s functions. To start it off, we thoroughly discuss the three components that are used to expose a photo properly: aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Once we have a mental understanding of how they work with the meter, we practice and experiment inside the studio with our cameras.

The great thing about in-person camera lessons, is I get to look over your shoulder when you have questions. Taking an extra minute or two to make sure you are grasping the concept before we move on is super beneficial.

Once we cover the basic functions of operating your camera, we talk a bit about creative elements. We are drawn to photography for its art. Once you learn how to operate the camera, getting in tune with your creative side will enhance your photos.

I’ve learned over the years that having at least a week in between photography classes is crucial. It allows you to practice the exercises I send with you and to come up with more questions.

At the second session we go over your homework exercise results, frustrations you experienced and any questions that came up. Receiving critiques and suggestions is an important piece to improving photography skills.

Stepping outside in downtown Spokane is the next step in our group photography workshops. If we have multiple lenses, or zoom lenses, this is where we learn how they work! Each lens has a sweet spot and affects depth-of-field in a different way. Having the space outdoors allows us to back up and zoom in. Shooting outdoors also allows us to read natural light and learn to work with shadows.

When you leave one of my beginner’s photography workshops, I want you confidently shooting in Manual mode, and I don’t want you going back to Auto. As with any other learned skill, continued practice is imperative. The old saying “If you don’t use it, you lose it” totally applies here. Fully understanding the aperture alone can be difficult. If you learn it with me, then walk away and don’t use it…you’ll lose it.

Let’s stop getting frustrated with our cameras and missing out on opportunities. Let’s begin investing in ourselves and nurturing our creative souls!!

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