Plus Size Boudoir in Spokane

Boudoir photography, in my opinion, shouldn’t be “in your face sex.” I will leave that to the male photographers in our industry who are looking to fulfill their personal drives opposed to their creatively artistic ones. Every woman on this earth deserves to see herself in the sexy, classy and beautiful angles that her significant other views her in. Or the magical lighting that every sheer-curtain-covered window naturally wraps around her sensual curves.
Being a female boudoir photographer in Spokane, I appreciate every woman’s shape, body and build. I am often asked if I shoot plus-sized women. This frustrates me a bit and also saddens me. HELL YES I do! As you can imagine, it isn’t easy for a woman to invite the worlds to view her most intimate photos…only about 30% of my boudoir babes give me permission to share her photos for marketing purposes. Even a smaller percentage of that number are curvier women. But when I do receive those curvy”yeses” I proudly post their images on my blog, in our Ladies-Only Facebook group, and on Instagram!
So please enjoy this plus-sized beauty’s classy, sexy and beautiful boudoir session in my downtown Spokane studio.

Miss E brought some fun outfits to make her boudoir shoot unique. It was the first time that we had coveralls in the studio, and I didn’t doubt for a minute that we would be able to make sexy images with them.

coverall boudoir

classy boudoir

beautiful curves

gorgeous curves

sexy plus size boudoir

edgy boudoir

sexy spokane

sexy boudoir spokane

crystal madsen boudoir

classy sexy spokane

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