Purposeful Memories

A few years ago my best friend called me crying.  She told me that her father was scheduled to have open heart surgery and feared that he was not strong enough to recover from such a major procedure. I asked how I could help.  She requested that I take photos of him, which I gladly agreed to do. I felt grateful to have a way to help. Well, things got busy for the family and the pre-surgery photo shoot did not go down.  Everything went well during the procedure and he continues to live on. However, my friend has not fully recovered from the anxiety and hyper awareness that she will someday move forward in life without her father.

In November my BFF came across a portrait style that spoke to her and made her think of her father.  She didn’t want to ever regret not pulling the trigger on a photo shoot of her dad. So we set up a simple shoot that very week.

The style of portrait was important to her, and was not something that I had previously produced. She felt like this style would capture her father’s essence and nostalgia of who he is.  We wanted his strength and age to be strongly portrayed. I remember her saying how she would like her dad’s grit and wrinkles in his face to show because he has earned them. I took the challenge head on and with a few hiccups we nailed it.  I always have loved to push myself to grow and working to give the correct feel to the portraits was rather rewarding.

The images were used as Christmas gifts for her family.  This man has been the strong silent backbone of their family and rarely appeared in photos. In fact he shared with me that these were the first professional photos he has ever sat for. I know these images will be cherished beyond today and the foreseeable future.  I am grateful for being a part of these purposeful memories. 

I urge you to schedule a shoot with the people in your life that make you who you are. Dad, Grandpa, your best friend; give them the opportunity to live on in images professionally produced, looking their best.  Cherish them today so you do not regret tomorrow.  

Wishing you all the joy and best memories! 

Crystal Madsen


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