Romantic Wedding Photos of 2018

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    conducive to or characterized by the expression of love.
    Synonyms: loving, amorous, passionate, tender, affectionate

My wedding photography portfolio was recently described as romantic. I had never labeled my work in this way before. When asked what my style reflects, my response is “a balanced and dynamic mix of classic, modern, and photojournalism.” Now, I think I may need to add romantic in there somewhere too! I do fall in love with capturing couples in their most intimate wedding moments. Whether I purposely pose them to pull out their natural body language, or it’s a captured candid moment…the more emotion, the better.

I decided to go through my 2018 weddings and pick out my most romantic wedding photos of the year. I probably should have asked a non-biased party to pick them out for me so there was no emotional attachment to them, but I was too excited and chose for myself. I wish I could tell the story for each of these images. I’m a sucker for a gentle hand touching a cheek, a kiss on the forehead, a shy laugh over an inside joke, a deep breath from the groom as his blushing bride is walking down the isle, a deep and emotional kiss, a hand held close to a heart, a hand on the back while tears are shed during toasts, singing during the first dance while a friend sings their favorite song, a bride wrapped up her groom’s coat in the cold night’s air, a steamy kiss in the elevator as it begins to close, a groom wiping tears at the alter, a bride and groom having a private moment after saying their “I do’s”, and so many more!

I can’t wait to pick out my 2020 “A Decade of Romance” collection favorites!Most romantic wedding photos

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