Should I Bring a Corset to My Boudoir Session?

A corset may be one of your chop choices when brainstorming outfit ideas for your boudoir session. They give a great classic look with that gorgeous lace up back, and typically have beautiful texture. They can be tough to come across while shopping in person, but if you’re determined you’ll find one!

When I see a corset make its way into my downtown studio I get pretty jazzed. They don’t make an appearance very often, I assume this is in result of stores not carrying them regularly. It could also be because a quality corset comes with a higher price tag. Or, it could be that slipping into it on your own proves almost impossible! I mean, who’s going to ask their partner to lace up their own pretty surprise?

If you do decide to bring a corset to your boudoir session, you’ve made the right decision. Every body type works if you get the right fit! So make sure its not too big or too small. When it fits right boobs pop, waists get smaller, and we get that perfect hour glass figure.

Consider thigh high leggings, great fitting bottoms, maybe a choker, and definitely some sexy stilettos. I recommend grabbing a friend to help you getting into it at home, lace it all up, then unzip to get out so we can slip back into it with ease at the studio on the day of your boudoir session.

Here are some sexy, classy, and beautiful boudoir photos showing off some great corsets. Notice the slimming affect, accentuations of the breasts and the great texture they provide.

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