Spokane Convention Center Rooftop Wedding

Sometimes when you take a walk through downtown Spokane you can overlook all of the different downtown Spokane possibilities when looking into a venue to get married.  Courtney and Cody looked around at quite a few places that might possibly fit them as a couple and eventually found their perfect spot.  They ended up deciding that the best place to share their special day was the rooftop at the Spokane Convention Center.

What a view!

You might not think that it would be that spectacular, but that is not the case.  You have all of downtown at your finger tips for some great shots and then to top that off when you get up to the roof, the view of Riverfront park and river is absolutely beautiful.  We used all of this to our advantage to truly capture the love and energy between Courtney and Cody.

We were able to capture Courtney and Cody’s first sight in the beautiful Riverfront Park and from there we continued to walk into the park photographing both the bride and groom, as well as their bridal party.  The day kept getting better while I worked with Courtney and Cody.  From the picture perfect sunset as the ceremony was underway to the amazing reception that was so full of energy, I didn’t think it could have been any better until the dancing started.  The mother-son dance was by far the best dance I have ever witnessed!  It was an amazing air guitar dance, that got the energy up and the party continued to get better as the DJ worked his magic and worked the crowd.

As the party went on I was able to capture what we were all their for, the love that brought them together as husband and wife. The love between these two is contagious and I didn’t want to leave even though it was a 14 hour day because they were just that great to be around, and I am not going to pass up a good party that gives me some great memories for the couple.

Congrats to you both and I wish you love and laughter for many more years to come!



Venue:  Spokane Convention Center
DJ:  Milestone Music
Makeup: Jennifer Lee
Hair:  Jazz Salon
Dress:  Mossuto’s
Flowers:  Just Roses  

114 West Pacific Avenue #209
Spokane, WA 99201

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