Stockings are a great way to express yourself in boudoir images. These fabulous leg adornments can show your personality and who you are as a lover. However, if you do not regularly wear lingerie and stockings, they can be a bit of a conundrum due to the vast number of options available. To help you effectively execute your stocking identity I have created a simple 3 step approach for successful sexiness!

Step 1: Determine Your Stockings Purpose

Define what you are trying to say with your leggings. What’s the message you’re portraying? Figuring this out will help you zero in on what look you are going for and help you organize your thoughts. Generally, the stocking messages that I have seen expressed are seductive/aggressive, sweet/innocent or timeless/classic.

Seductive/aggressive looks generally go for a bold color such as black or red. These stockings create a contrast with hard lines against your skin. A tattered or torn look adds the edge of rebellion. Fishnets scream, “I demand your attention!”, and your partner for sure will not look away from the images we produce without given permission! You don’t have to stop for thigh-highs either. There are some fabulous tights that help deliver that message as well!

The sweet/innocent look consists of softer colors such as white or pastel pink. These stockings adorn bows and little frills to capture the vibe of innocents. This look tells your partner that you are theirs and only theirs. The vibe is that you are their innocent gift.

If you want to capture timelessness or a classic look nude or opaque black are the colors to go for. These add a bit of texture to the image with a lace top border or a simple line down the calf. The leggings are less of a statement in these images and a simple suggestion of femininity. These were of the time when there was no questioning the role of a female in a relationship. Women during this time were seductive and suggestive, yet socially appropriate all at the same time. Men were manly and women were femenine and all things were much less complicated.

Step 2: Shop For Your Stockings

After you have determined what feel you are going for with your stockings choice you will then shop and find the product that matches your style.

I wish I could point to one or two pairs and tell you which ones to buy, but every body is different and everyone’s message varies. We have so many outlets to purchase stockings from. I have had stockings from all types of stores come into the boudoir studio. If you have the opportunity to walk into a store like Nordstrom’s, Victoria’s Secret, or a local lingerie boutique to see the product in person, definitely give that a try. Talk to an associate to discuss your goals and any concerns.

If walking into a store isn’t an option, then there are a few things to look at when shopping online:

  • If you’re planning on pairing your thigh-highs with a garter, opt for the softer nylon tops and avoid the silicone no-slip tops (also known as anti-skid, stay up etc)
  • Pay attention to verbiage like sheer, seamed, denier, opaque etc. Know what you’re buying
  • One Size DOES NOT fit all. Do not buy OS or One Size Fits Most

Step 3: Try Them On!

This is the very most important piece to ensure your images are alluring and sensual. To have success buy a few sizes and try them on before you arrive for your shoot. What you need to look for is a set that does not squeeze your leg…or is too big. Tightness in the top of stockings can cause the tops to roll down or creates a bulging look on the leg. We are striving for a soft lay against the skin. This can happen for ANY size of body, not just curvy ones. I have found that silicone no-slip tops are more likely to create that bulge. If you don’t have a garter, obviously you need the no-slip top and I cannot stress enough, TRY THEM ON BEFORE YOUR SHOOT.

On the flip side, stockings and thigh-highs can be too big as well. Make sure they hug the back of your knee and ankles so we don’t have extra fabric that we are constantly fussing with during the boudoir shoot. Give yourself time to go back to the store or return online if they do not fit and lay nicely.

Take a look at some of the stockings, thigh-highs and tights previous boudoir babes have worn for their shoots with me. I hope you get inspired and are excited to rock your thigh-highs during your own boudoir session. See you soon…and don’t worry!!! I’ll help you get those stocking lines straight and snapped into your garter with ease 😀

Sexy lingerie stockings for your spokane boudoir session
Lingerie stockings for your spokane boudoir session
Lingerie stockings for your boudoir session
Lingerie stockings for your boudoir session

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