The power of RED

Shhhhhh I’ll let you in on a little secret. We shoot the boudoir session for YOU. It’s not for your partner. Sure it’s fun to hand over those sexy and classy images for them to enjoy, but the entire purpose of the experience is for you to leave feeling empowered and filled with confidence. I want you to emerge with a new appreciation…or if you’ve forgotten, a reminder of how truly beautiful and magnificent you are. I want to show you, through my lens, that you can be delicate and badass all at the same time. You need to feel it…and that’s where little tips and tricks like the power of red come into play! Powerful, passionate, dangerously sexy! If you want to kick up your boudoir session a notch, add a touch of red!

So why red? Red evokes emotions, action, and demands attention. Think about it….why are fire trucks and stop signs red? We use caution, we stop, we pay attention! Why is that little red dress such an empowering piece of your wardrobe? Red is intense and brings “all eyes on us!” It screams confidence, strength, and courage. It’s the go-to color when you want an edge over your competition. If you’re a member of my Ladies Only Boudoir Facebook Group, you might remember a conversation about wearing red undergarments when in the eye of the public for an extra dose of secret power. Think power suit or power tie. Many brands use the power of red to promote sales by incorporating it in their marketing/”buy now” prompt online or to stand out on the store shelf. When you want to make an impact you go for the red! Stimulating, exciting, fiery!

Red also invokes feelings of passion and love. What could be better when the whole goal of the boudoir session is to promote self love, empowerment, and appreciation? Remember, delicate and badass. So now that I’ve got you thinking about the color red, what’s the best way to incorporate it into your boudoir experience? Consider small touches such as red lips, red manicure and/or pedicure, red heels….or go bold with one of your lingerie options or that little red dress. Accessories are always welcome. Maybe that silk scarf, a tie, pasties or handcuffs if you dare? I would love to help brainstorm, so reach out for a consultation and let’s chat about how we can get creative with your session. Contact Crystal Madsen

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the power of red
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