Top Senior Portraits of 2019

Choosing my top 10 senior portraits for 2019 was difficult!! I photographed over 25 seniors and delivered more than 1,200 images. So to choose only 10 images was a grueling process. Some of the senior pictures I chose made the cut because of the story behind the photo. Maybe the outfit chosen was by Mom who really wanted her teen to rock a vintage shag sweater but the senior was skeptical. Then, the senior was vetoed by the photographer and Mom’s friend because the sweater was so rad and the textures were amazing.

Achieving real and candid smiles is everything to me…the photo may not be the most dynamic or compositionally perfect, but real emotion wins every time. Some of these senior portraits made the list because of candid smiles, casual body language, and a relaxed feel to them.

On the contrary, a few of these images are my favorite because of the dynamic contrast and vibrant colors. Telling the story of a high school senior athlete sometimes requires strong lighting and shadows. I want to make the viewer feel the intensity and fierce attitude of the athlete..

When I get a fashionista in front of the camera, showing off her style and persona is the goal. Letting her flaunt her charisma and confidence allows fun to flow during the session which of course comes through in the image.

Candid senior portraits spokane
lacrosse senior portrait
Candid senior pictures spokane
Unique senior pictures spokane
Black and white senior portraits spokane
Football Senior pictures spokane
Old truck senior photos spokane
fun senior portraits
Fashion magazine inspired senior photos spokane
candid senior portraits spokane

The most popular month to shoot high school senior portraits in Spokane is August, as most schools require the yearbook photo to be turned in by October. Booking your session in April or May will guarantee your date!

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