Senior Portrait Preparations

I have had so much fun this spring shooting high school senior pictures.  Its always a pleasure to see a young adult on the cusp of their adult life.  Often this is the first time they have ever had a photo session fully dedicated to just themselves. Sometimes these students show up to the session not knowing what to expect and some can be unprepared.  I like to have a consultation beforehand to make sure everything is covered.  If you want a little jump-start, this will give you some ideas on your senior senior portrait preparations:


For high school senior pictures location is one of the most important pieces to consider.  I will need YOU to tell me where you want to take your pictures, or at least describe your ideal setting.  I have a plethora of places I can recommend for breath-taking backgrounds, however the end product will be much more meaningful if the location is personalized.  Take into consideration the places that have brought you the most joy during your high school years.  I recently have had students pick camps they have attended regularly, the family property they grew up on, and athletic fields at their actual school.  Where do you spend most of your free time?  Let’s tie that into your portrait session! Check out package deals for cost changes based on number of locations.


You can change outfits to fit locations or to highlight different elements of your life.  When making your clothing choices not only should they highlight who you are but also make you look stunning.  It is important to choose pieces that lay smoothly on your body in many positions.  We will have you standing, sitting, crouching and even laying down.  Try on your clothes ahead of time and make sure it moves with you.  If you have insecurities (we all do) make sure you be honest with yourself about them and try to wear items that bring out the areas you love.

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The last main piece to your senior portrait preparations is your people. Do you want someone around during the shoot?  I have had parents and friends tag along a photo session and sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not so good.  I will need you to focus on my instructions and be able to hold poses until we get the image we are looking for.  If you know you won’t want to smile with Mom or boyfriend there, or you know your best friend will tease you the whole time, you need to let us all know ahead of time.  The most important thing is to remember we have a limited amount of time together.  Laughter, jokes, tender moments with your parent are all welcomed and encouraged; but our focus is getting those memories captured on camera before you run off and do amazing things as an adult!

Take a look at Emma’s high school senior portrait session. She chose a 2-location shoot which included Makeup By Evelyn Mauro. Emma and her mom freely discussed how they wanted to shoot at their family’s lake cabin to continue recording memories there, but also on the flip-side, they wanted something completely opposite. Downtown Spokane was the 2nd chosen location which provided hard textures and linear architecture.

Emma’s wardrobe was spot on. Gathering 3 outfits for each location, she selected a variety of pieces that covered the entire spectrum. We see her in casual jeans and tops, to sun dresses and sweaters. Each outfit fit her body perfectly and helped showcase her personality even more.

Lastly, Emma’s mom accompanied her to her session. These two were an absolute joy to spend the afternoon and evening with. Mom’s presence only added to Emma’s experience. She provided assistance in wardrobe, keeping the mood light with jokes, and was an extra hand when either one of us needed one. These two did a great job in their senior portrait preparations by meeting me for a consultation at least one month prior to Emma’s session!Senior Portrait Preparations

Senior Portrait Preparations

Senior Portrait Preparations

Senior Portrait Preparations

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