Which Camera For The Beginning Photographer?

If you’re considering purchasing a digital camera this holiday season for the beginning photographer in your life, you’re probably overwhelmed with options and choices.  I wanted to offer you my top choice without getting too deep with technological terminology. Over the years of teaching and coaching beginning photographers, I have narrowed my favorite entry-level DSLR kit to the Canon Rebel T6. Notice I mentioned “kit.” In my opinion, it is extremely important to have both the EF-S 18-55mm and EF 75-300mm zoom lenses even as a beginning photographer. The 18-55mm is great for restricted space (in the home) as well as wide-angled shots (landscape/cityscapes)…but not so great for portraits. The 75-300mm lens is ideal for the blurry background portraits, wildlife, and sports but too large of a lens to be used in small spaces. If you purchase the camera body with only one lens, your photographer will find themselves frustrated at losing out on desired photo opportunities.spokane camera lessons

A comparable kit is the Nikon D3400 . Both cameras are great and essentially the lenses are the same. The main reason I choose Canon over Nikon is the interface. I find that Canon’s interface (menus and operating buttons) are more user-friendly and are navigated more easily by beginning photographers.

Including a gift certificate for photography coaching/mentoring is the best thing you can do for your new photographer!! I try to hold at least one photography workshop a month during from December to May at my downtown Spokane studio. The classes range from teens, beginning, advanced, editing, posing and more. If the workshop dates don’t work with your schedule, I am always available for one-on-one coaching.spokane photography workshops

If you have further questions or are interested in more advanced feature opinions, shoot me an email!

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