The Art of Boudoir

During a boudoir photo session I approach your shoot like I would if I were creating an image to be displayed in an art gallery. I take your already beautiful body and create a master piece. The images we create together will not only be of you in sexy clothing, but we will use your unique features with light, angles and different focal points to create an experience for the viewer, much like a fine painting in the Louvre. This is the art of boudoir.

I am very purposeful with the poses that you will be in to highlight your individual hotness. To demonstrate this, I would like to share with you a session I did with Miss O. You may recognize her bottom from last week’s blog celebrating butts. glamour-photography-spokane

Miss O has several amazing features that made her a pleasure to shoot; stunning eyes, long graceful arms and a strong core.

In this image I wanted to highlight her doe eyes and feminine cheek bones. To draw the viewer’s attention to her features I kept the light strong on her eyes and forehead and purposely allowed it to fall off into the shadows.  The shadows sit perfectly on her facial structure defining her cheek bones and jaw. If you notice there is also a light point in her eyes, which is the natural window reflection in my downtown Spokane studio. Miss O is absolutely stunning in this photo and makes a great model to exemplify the art of boudoir.

This image is one that I am very excited about. My purpose with this image was to once again capture her stunning facial features and then offer her hip more like a gentle suggestion. To do this I placed Miss. O’s hand next her well illuminated face. I used her other arm to create a line that would take you from her face over her hips. The hip its self is blurry to ensure that your eyes do not skip the path I wanted them to follow. This technique is so very seductive. And it’s a great example of the phenomenal makeup application by Evelyn!

The same idea was used here. Notice how her face is the main focus and the contour of her back muscles create a path your eyes follow to her lacy bottom. sexy-photos-spokane

I love the way we used her muscle lines to cradle the shadow in this image. The line creates a nice soft and pleasurable line for the eyes to travel. Where do your eyes naturally flow to on this image?

I hope some of Miss O’s boudoir session has inspired you to come in and let me use your natural beauty to create a purposeful and sensual package! They make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts, wedding gifts, a shocking birthday surprise, and anniversary gifts.
Here are a few more of Miss O for your viewing pleasure.



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Makeup By Evelyn Mauro

Hair by Lindsay with Loft 204

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