Best Boudoir Photos of 2022

Confidence. Elegance. Heat. Eye contact. Hair. Flesh. Smiles.

Choosing my best boudoir photos of the year is never easy, and it doesn’t get any simpler as the years go by. Tasking myself with sifting through hundreds and hundreds of beautiful boudoir images is really something I should be delegating. I have a pattern of starting with the goal of only choosing 10 top boudoir images…I tend to always end up with 20. As with any work of art, it is difficult for the artist to pull themselves away from the story behind the making of the photo. Looking at each of these boudoir images, I can smile or laugh and tell you exactly what happened in the studio during that moment.

What does a boudoir photo need to possess to make my list of the best boudoir photos of 2022? Number one, the subjects have given me full permission to use their photos for marketing purposes. I will never use a boudoir image without my client’s permission first. So that’s my first step. I sift through all of the galleries that have authorized me to use their images. After that…it’s what speaks to me in that moment. Whether it was a new pose we tried out, a badass outfit, an 80-year-old showing boudoir isn’t just for 20-year-olds, or a necklace that totes a special message.

Boudoir photography holds a very special place in my heart. Even when I win the lottery, I will never stop offering my services. My women need me to continue to show them angles of themselves that they can’t see on their own. And I need them to continue challenging me to push my creativity while keeping it Always Sexy. Always Classy. Always Beautiful.

Thank you to my boudoir clients who have given me permission to use their photos. I am always so every grateful for you as you help me grow my Spokane boudoir business on the daily! And to those who choose not to share their images, thank you for that as well! There is much to be said for keeping your special images to you and yours only. I will never pressure you to share…I will ask…and sometimes I will ask twice, but I will always respect your decision.

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