Classy Beautiful Boudoir

I absolutely love offering classy beautiful boudoir sessions! Having the ability to help women see how stunningly sexy they are, fills me with passion. Not every woman walks into the studio before their shoot strutting with confidence, but it is my goal to have them exit the studio that way.
I don’t care what size pants you wear or what size bra; the length of your hair or the roundness of your ass; the shape of your nose or if you have “love handles.” You are beautiful, fun and sexy. I know we are our own worst critics and you may be doubting that a boudoir session is for you, that’s why you need a boudoir photographer like myself! My mama taught me to find the good and beauty in all. Sometimes I exercise it to a fault, but when it comes to the beauty of a woman…it just comes so naturally to me. The softness of our skin, the curves of our bodies, the light in our eyes. Every woman’s body exudes sensuality, having the creative eye to capture and display that in a visual story is my skill.
Mrs. R’s classy beautiful boudoir photos are a great example of capturing her fun, beautiful and sexy personality. Wearing her husband’s football jersey added a touch of playful flirtation while her lacy negligees punched in her steamy sensuality. I loved using her hair as a sexy element as well as the textures of her outfits. All it takes is a simple suggestive tug and an arch of the lower back to show off a little passion. Or maybe cascading hair falling over your shoulders with a slight separation in your lips as your breath escapes you. Whooo it’s getting steamy in here!! Enjoy this classy beautiful boudoir session and celebrate this fantastic woman who is proud of her sensuality! 

Hair & Makeup By: Makeup By Evelyn Mauro

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