Photo shoot ideas with dogs

Family dogs are by our side through our entire lives, sharing in our joys and our sorrows.  They are a part of our families and should be included in your memories forever.  Why not share your photo session with that special furry family member?

I have had several clients add their beloved furry family member to photo sessions.  It can be a challenge, especially if you have more than one dog, but  it is very doable. When including dogs, just like children, the way to have a successful shoot is to plan ahead.

You will want to make sure your pet is well groomed before our session.  This means all four paws are mud free and not a risk to get your spiffy self disheveled and dirty.  Your dogs should also be well brushed to keep shedding at a minimum.  Bring a lint roller regardless to get you back to picture perfect when needed.

We will get all of the images that will include your pet first, while we all have energy and your dog is excited to be included!  This should take about 10-20 minutes depending on how cooperative Fido is being.  If your photo session is on a hot day and the animal cannot be left alone in the car, you will need to schedule a doggy sitter.  This needs to be someone that is NOT going to be in your portraits.  This special person will need to take on the full responsibility of your pup while we finish up the rest of your shoot.  Having the sitter take him home is usually the best option to decrease your stress and allow you to focus on getting those great images.

Here are a few pictures to show you how special your images will be!  One of my favorites is of my own kids on their first day of school.  Our puppy, Smalls, was struggling a bit to hold still for the photo. He’s not the best at taking photos yet!  Pet bloopers can be as fun as kid bloopers!

~Crystal Madsen

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