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When doing a consultation with a high school senior I always try to stress how important it is to demonstrate who they are and what is important to them today.  Many young adults just are not sure how to make that happen.  Mallory’s senior photo session is an amazing example of what I am talking about, and I am very excited to share the shoot with you!

During our consultation Mallory was relaxed and easy going. At first I thought that it might be difficult to pull excitement out of her during the shoot due to how quiet and chill she was.  It was clear that she wanted to please her mom and do the whole high school senior portrait thing, this also made me think that we would struggle to really represent who she is. We discussed having a professional makeup artist, which she had no desire to use. She wanted to stay true to who she was and what her style was. She simply didn’t ever wear makeup and didn’t want to “pretend” during her shoot. I admired that, but was also taken a bit back as most senior girls jump at the chance of having a professional makeup artist help bring out their natural beauty.

On the day of the shoot, when we started shooting I realized that this young lady knows her self better than most and is naturally relaxed.  She didn’t want a makeup artist because that didn’t represent her.  She wanted the images to be done on her property where she grew up and had a plethora of childhood memories.  Her style and wardrobe dropped my jaw. I was in love! Her jewelry, her hair, her lack of shoes and her guitar. It all played so nicely especially when that remarkable evening sun peeked out from the hills. These images represent exactly what a senior portrait session should be.  They are personal, fun and full of beautiful meaning.

I just need to say;


You are a beautiful young woman, and you have no idea just how much so. Your confidence is radiating in these images.  I thoroughly enjoy how humble, kind and natural you are. Thank you for allowing me to take your senior photos, and for inviting me to your home to help you document who you are today!”


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