Prepare for a boudoir photo shoot in three easy steps

Preparing for a boudoir photo shoot

Potential clients often ask me: How do I prepare for a boudoir photo shoot?  The answer to this question depends on how long you have until your shoot and what your goals are for your images.  There are basically three different points in time that you need to prepare for; booking the right photographer, preparing your body and deciding what to wear.

Pick your photographer

Deciding who will be taking your photos is the most important step while you prepare for a boudoir photo shoot.  This is mainly because all artists have different flare and style.  You will need to ensure that the artistic expression of your photographer matches your desired end product. Spend some time looking at boudoir photos in various photographer’s portfolios and try to categorize the types of images you like.  Consider this a “thinning process”.

Once you have narrowed down the photographers by their image style you will then need to consider what you want to spend, how far you are willing to travel and if the photographers personality will fit your needs.  Each photographer should have a price list and show examples of what their products look like when they are in your hands.  Next comes the tricky part, finding the right personality that will ensure you are confident and comfortable.  Send out an email, a text or some other form of communication.  Ask to meet them and have a consultation.  Pay attention to how you feel during these communications.  Do you feel valued as a customer?  A priority? Do you feel anxious in talking to them? If it feels off, keep looking.

Get your body ready for the big day

After the session is locked in it is time to prepare your body!  Some women give themselves 6 months to a year for preparation.  They use the shoot as a motivator to get fit, eat right and feel more comfortable in their skin.  I love that my work can help give some one the push to step into a healthy life style!  Some ladies give themselves a few months, others just grab a date that is available.  Regardless of how much time you have to prepare for a boudoir shoot after its locked in there are other things you need to do to get your body ready.  Get your hair touched up, do your nails, get your eye brows waxed…clean up your bikini line. You want to look polished up and confidently know your sexiness is at its height!

Be mindful of your clothing choices

The last piece in preparation is picking your clothes or props to wear. Give yourself plenty of time here, it may seem like a simple task but it is vital.  For tips take a look at my article about What to Wear to a Boudoir Photo Shoot and Don’t Forget the Shoes.

Take a look through my images as you are considering how to prepare for a boudoir photo shoot.  Send me a message and lets set up a date to meet and discuss what I can do to document that sexy sultry side of you.

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