Magical Glover Mansion Winter Wedding

Are you considering a winter wedding? I have always thought that waking up to a fresh blanket of snow was the most magical thing that existed in this world of ours.  That was until last winter when I had the opportunity to shoot this majestic wedding.  Jamie and Ryan wanted their wedding day to have the feel of the winter scene in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.  You know…the one where Belle and the Beast play in the garden and we fall in love along with them.  Jamie’s dream wedding literally unfolded just as planned.  It is so rare when an idea, a date, a venue and the weather all align.  This wedding day was truly a fantasy come true.  I am over joyed with how the images turned out and hope you feel inspired by them!

I started the winter wedding day with the ladies capturing the bubbling joy and excitement of the morning.  The snow started to drift by the frosty windows as hair and make up (by Kiss & Makeup) got under way.  Anticipation for the ceremony was heightened by the ideal forecast. The couple had been anxiously watching the weather channel for weeks!  We next moved on to the Glover Mansion grounds for the first look and formal images.

I have taken some pretty breath taking wedding pictures if I do say so myself, but these ones are overwhelmingly special.  I feel honored to have been chosen to take them.  The moment Jamie stepped outside I could just feel the world pause and gasp at her pure beauty!  The environment felt like it came up and hugged around her with the contrast of her bright red cape.  I remember thinking nothing could be more perfect than this… and then… Ryan turned around and I realized nothing was more beautiful than their love in that moment.

The outdoor winter wedding ceremony was perfect, the food was delicious the flowers were magnificent (Esther Ryan with A Special Touch Florist) and the happiness was so satisfying.  Thank you for sharing your day with me!

winter wedding first look

beautiful snow wedding

Perfect winter wedding

Glover winter outdoor ceremony


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