Never NOT Working

When a photographer travels across the country…or across town for that matter, she is constantly scouting potential locations for photos. Even when I’m technically not working, I’m working. Always.

This past week I have been in New York, and it has been impossible to turn off my creative mind. Every turn on the road and every step across the street has my mind looking for photo opportunities. The rolling green hills, fields covered in wild flowers, and fences perfectly winding along their property lines has me double-taking with every trip into town.

I am here in Cooperstown, New York with my son’s baseball team cheering them on and documenting their memories. While I’m here for baseball, I also knew I would be mesmerized by my surroundings. So I readied myself to be inspired for a scenic or portrait session at any given moment. And it happened. On day one.

Each drive to the ball park I passed a rolling pasture dotted with wildflowers and the perfect little fence riding along the hill. I probably passed it at least 20 times during this trip knowing I had to make some sort of photo there. After collaborating ideas with a fellow team mom, I decided I would grab one of our spunky teenaged sisters for a quick photo shoot in between games.

When I mentioned the idea to Sydney, she didn’t even hesitate. All I asked was “Did you pack a sundress or a cute outfit for your trip?” and “Would you like to do a quick photo shoot with me?” Her answers were, “Yes” and “Yes!”

We had a half of an hour to get a handful of shots and hit two locations that I had my eyes on. Easy peasy. We were done in 28 minutes. Syd’s bright smile and natural movements made my posing direction minimal and her infectious laugh made candids a piece of cake!

You will be seeing this brilliant young woman in my work over the next couple of years, as I’m grooming her to become a high school senior model for my senior portrait business. How could I not!??! She will be graduating from Freeman High School in 2022 and will be doing many great things in the meantime.traveling photographer in spokane

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