Rooftop Wedding in Spokane

I really enjoy working at the Spokane Convention Center and this was another great experience as I was privileged to shoot another rooftop wedding for a great couple.  Besides the great location, due to the wide variety of spots to get some shots, I had a lot going this day from the clouds working in my favor and the weather holding out, I knew this wedding day was going to produce some great shots.

The couple wanted to do their first viewing by the Monroe street bridge in downtown Spokane, so we started there.  We were able to capture some romantic moments between the couple seeing each other for the first time with the great architecture as their backdrop.  From there we were able to work with the clouds and features of Riverfront park before we made our way back to the Convention Center to meet with the entire family.

The love from both sides of the family was felt through the entire day during this rooftop wedding.  I was able to capture the special moments between the father of the bride and his daughter, as well as, the groom and his best man, his brother.  One of the most powerful shots I was able to capture for the entire family, was the recreation of a family portrait between the bride and her mother.  They also brought their own unique touch to their rooftop wedding as the bride and groom both wore family heirlooms to have the entire family a part of their big day.  It was great to be able to help capture tradition like that and I wish these two luck and love. Rooftop Weddng in Spokane_007 Rooftop Weddng in Spokane_011 Rooftop Weddng in Spokane_009 Rooftop Weddng in Spokane_010 Rooftop Weddng in Spokane_008 Rooftop Weddng in Spokane_012 Rooftop Weddng in Spokane_013 Rooftop Weddng in Spokane_014 Rooftop Weddng in Spokane_015 Rooftop Weddng in Spokane_017 Rooftop Weddng in Spokane_018 Rooftop Weddng in Spokane_019 Rooftop Weddng in Spokane_020 Rooftop Weddng in Spokane_021 Rooftop Weddng in Spokane_022 Rooftop Weddng in Spokane_023 Rooftop Weddng in Spokane_016

114 W Pacific #209
Spokane, WA 99201

Venue: Spokane Convention Center Rooftop
Cake: Just American Desserts
Hair by Miranda Stark

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All Photography and Original Text © Crystal Madsen Photography

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