Spokane Engagement Photos- Top 10 of 2019

The wedding proposal season is upon us in Spokane, as is the end of 2019. I thought I would take this opportunity to share my favorite photos and moments of my Spokane engagement sessions.
The wonderful importance of shooting an engagement session with your wedding photographer is so you can build a relationship, break the ice and practice poses before your actual wedding day. This helps us reveal candid emotion and glide through the wedding day with much more ease. During our engagement sessions we practice difficult poses like a dipping kiss and lifts. We get to work out all the kinks so we can nail it the first time on the wedding day.
My personal and selfish reason why I am adamant on shooting an engagement session before your wedding day, is because I want you to know you chose the right photographer! When you walk away from your engagement session I want you feeling energized, carefree, and happy.

“You will see emotion, beauty, love, laughs, creativity and the highest quality you could hope for”

When you receive your finished engagement photos I want you stricken with assurance that you hired the right photographer. As you see below, you will see emotion, beauty, love, laughs, creativity and the highest quality you could hope for. Knowing that our personalities mesh well together, you enjoy my company, and I deliver quality photos that you will cherish for a lifetime is a comfort every bride and groom needs leading up to their wedding.
Live out of town and only coming in for your wedding? I come across this multiple times a year! I am still adamant that we shoot a Spokane engagement session. I can definitely travel to you, but we typically find a day that you’re in Spokane for planning and take 45 minutes to shoot. I’ve even shot engagement sessions 2 days before the wedding, and they worked out great!

Top 10 Spokane Engagement Photos of 2019

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Spokane Engagement
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Surprise Proposal
Must have engagement photos

Congratulations if you are newly engaged!!! All of my wedding packages come with a complimentary engagement session and digital images. If you’re looking for a solo engagement session, click here for pricing.

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