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2013 will mark my second year of hiring a photography intern/assistant. This year is the fabulous Erin Jensen who came to me from the Spokane Falls Community College photography program. In order to graduate, they are required to attain a certain number of hours by either job shadowing, assisting or holding an intern or employment position with a Spokane photographer. When Erin approached me requesting to be my intern, I was immediately impressed with her persistence and initiative. I agreed to meet with her secretly already knowing she had earned the spot because of her education and professionalism. During our interview when I asked to see some of her current work, she shared images that truly impressed me. The colors were rich and vibrant and each image told a story. We discussed her strengths and weaknesses and what knowledge she hoped to gain during her few months with me, as well as what she could expect from me.
When I hire an intern or assistant, I am looking for someone who is eager and passionate about photography. They need to be professional, friendly, punctual, reliable and willing to learn more than just photography. Being a photographer is only a small portion of running a successful photography business. Erin can expect to learn from me how to interact with individuals as well as large groups, manage time especially during stressful situations, receive knowledge on the most recent technology, editing techniques, product insight, office operations, lighting techniques, portfolio critiques…and so much more!
What do I gain out of hiring an intern/assistant? An extra set of hands, crowd control, 2nd shooter during the ceremony and reception, an office assistant, a practice buddy, someone to eat dinner with at weddings, a 2nd opinion, and with super high hopes: a coffee-mate!?!
I remember when I first thought about emerging into the professional photography field in Spokane, I felt overwhelmed and confused as to where to even begin with equipment, getting my name out there, or how to direct a wedding party. I asked multiple Spokane photographers if I could simply shadow them during a wedding or step into their studio to see what type of equipment they used and continuously was turned away. Of course I understood that the Spokane photographer competition was fierce and saturated and the photographers alone were busy, but it was disappointing and discouraging. I have made a promise to myself that as long as I have time and the means, I will offer my advice and knowledge to help any aspiring photographer in any way I can.
So here’s to some high-quality learning Erin! I look forward to teaching you all I can!
Spokane Photography InternCrystal
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