Spokane Senior Portraits Workshop

Urban Senior Portraits Workshop May 20, 2021

If you’re a photographer in the Spokane area who is looking to photograph more high school seniors, this workshop is for you! Crystal & Kayli have a combined 15+ years in owning our own photography businesses and have an abundance of information and tips that we want to share with you. High school senior portraits are all about pulling out personality, capturing genuine smiles, and creating an experience. This in-person and intimate downtown Spokanephotography workshop will provide tips, how-to’s and do-nots on delivering just that.

Scouting & Reading Light for Spokane Senior Portraits

Not only will you learn how to interact with your high school senior and help them feel comfortable, but we will explain how to find the best scenes in your setting. We will walk as a group and discuss what we look for in a scene and what we want to avoid. Lighting is everything in photography and it’s pertinent to be able to find, or create, the highest quality light possible. It’s also important to know what type of light NOT to shoot in. A few of our favorite gems in downtown Spokane will be shared that you may not have been aware existed!

Posing for Senior Portraits

We all have a few basic poses in our back pockets right? Maybe one or two that we aspire to record but can’t quite direct our subject to get the look? This workshop will help! A photographer who emits confidence, transfers confidence. At this high school senior portraits workshop in downtown Spokane, Crystal & Kayli will demonstrate how to direct a senior so they look candid and casual. We will also show how we get seniors into more advanced and difficult poses to give that fashion-magazine look. When you register for the workshop, it will be recommended that you bring one or two poses that you would like demonstrated on how to achieve.

Work One-on-One with High School Models

Online photography classes are fantastic, we love them! But we also know that they come with limitations, which is one of the main reasons we wanted to create this photography workshop. Nothing is more helpful when learning photography than hands on instruction. There will be at least two teen models for you to interact with, direct and pose. While you are working we will give feedback, correct, make suggestions and provide a positive group-learning atmosphere. We will encourage you to ask questions throughout the class and gain as much knowledge possible.

Build Your Photography Portfolio

One of the many perks of attending a photography workshop is that you can pump up your portfolio. The models will be directed to pose for classic senior portraits as well as modern and edgy. We encourage students to take photographs throughout the entirety of the lessons, even when you are not the one doing the directing. You should easily walk away with more than 30 quality images to add to your galleries. The more variety you have to show, the more impressed your potential clients will be.

If you haven’t registered for the Spokane Senior Portraits Workshop yet, now is the time. Each photo workshop is limited to a small number of students to ensure quality one-on-one instruction.

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