Sunset Engagement Photos at Finch Arboretum

This past week I had the pleasure of tromping through our blooming spring world in search of the perfect backdrop to capture Will and Briana’s engagement photos.  This amazing duo will be a strong married couple.  They are both currently in the tail end of masters degree programs and both will be graduating before the wedding.  Putting together the final details of a wedding and taking final exams all at the same time?  Many brides would not survive the stress, Briana is surely a one of a kind.  I cannot wait to shoot their wedding in two days and see them at the reception celebrating all of their accomplishments and the start of their world as one.  I am expecting to witness some of the best smiles and biggest emotions. (Make sure you check back for my blog about their big day!)

As our engagement photos approached I watched the rain crawl across my weather app, the wetness seemed to stretch on forever.  These two had a tight window to do their engagement session due to all of the other big days happening along side of this one.  With a few scheduling adjustments we found a dry opening and jumped on it!    The mosquitos were quite happy to greet us into their environment.  I am sure they will make it into a story or two when looking back at the pictures 50 years from now.  All in all these are some wonderful engagement photos.

The engagement shoot started two hours before sunset, in hopes of grabbing on to the last little embers of the Sun’s daily travels.   Looking through the images today, I must say, the lighting was as sweet as any lover’s kiss.  I am thankful mother nature graced us with the opportunity to do this shoot and provide this beautiful couple with a few memories before they tie the knot!

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