Unique & Tasty Textures!

My specialty is providing edgy and unique boudoir photos.  I have so many different ways I provide this for my clients.  One example that I would like to share with you today is my use of texture.  Texture invokes other senses in your partner while they are viewing your boudoir images, making the visual a stronger and more personal experience.  Enjoying a sensual image of a lover is nice but there is so much more depth to truly unique boudoir photos.

To demonstrate how this is done,  I would first like you to think about a time when you saw an amazing picture of food.  Do you remember thinking that you could practically taste it because the image looked so good?  That’s the power of texture.  With the texture choices I have added to my shoots I know your man’s mouth will water and his finger tips will tingle to touch you.  The softness of fur, the cool touch of silk, the pattern of chain elements pressed gently into skin; all tactile experiences your man has felt.  The texture pieces in the photos will add visual cues that can allow him to put your images into his own contexts; thus making your images more than just a visual experience.

Other boudoir photographers use textured materials in their sessions as well.   However, to make someone actually feel an image there is more to be done.  Take lighting for example.  Soft cool lighting enhances smoother textures, this creates a sweet and romantic vibe.  Oppositely so, hard side-lighting pops details, adds an edgy contrast and a fiery passionate desire.  I use both types of lighting paired with textured pieces, depending on what feeling we are trying to bring forward with that particular image. My favorite, as you know, belongs to the hotter side of things.

If you are looking to surprise someone, or just wanting to experience an empowering treat, just let me know and I will make sure you end up with a bunch of super tasteful, classy and unique boudoir photos!

Here are some images where I utilized texture to stir up the senses.  What do you experience while looking at them? You know you want to touch them!

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