Wedding Bouquets to fit your style

Wedding bouquets can really tie together a wedding photo. I am always impressed with the intricate details of flowers and the overwhelming beauty when they are put together strategically.  I have tested my hand at creating my own floral arrangements from my garden, and they never are quite right.  So today, I want to share with you my appreciation for the art florists create for your special day!

Putting together the elements of a wedding and making sure the feel of the day flows and sticks with a theme can be difficult.  However, so many events that I have attended are amazingly organized and the smallest details link everything together.  If you are struggling to get into the groove go visit your favorite florist.  They can show you how to put pieces of your style and personality all over your venue.  From a large breath taking arrangement for the bride right down to the petals the little princess sprinkles down the isle, they can guide you.   Be prepared with a theme and colors before hand, also a table count and venue site will guide the evaluation of your floral needs.  It is likely the bigger florists in town have worked in the site you have chosen and have some tips to lend you.

Some of the most memorable floral arrangements, for me, have included elements other than flowers and ribbons.  I have loved have been fall wedding bouquets with pine cones or leaves hidden in with the flowers and roses pinned with pearls or gemstones.   One bride tied a charm in to her wedding bouquet that she had received from her best friend who passed away.  She explained that they used to day dream about their weddings together as children, and she needed her to be a part of the day.

Here are some images to spark your imagination.

Thanks for stopping by the blog!  Here are a few of my favorite florists, they always do great things.

Rose and Blossom 

Fleur Tations 

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~ Crystal Madsen

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