Wedding Moments of 2019

Some of my favorite wedding moments to photograph during the big day are memories that blur by and are often forgotten. Slipping into the dress, details of wedding rings, quiet kisses, and elevator love are just a few. The summer of 2019 was full of youth baseball which required me to keep my wedding calendar pretty scarce. Even though I photographed fewer weddings than usual, I collected a beautiful selection of must-have photos.
As of 2020, I have photographed over 130 weddings!! I’ve learned where I want the bride to stand when she puts on her family heirloom earrings. Shooting in different hotels, I know where I want the window light to spill in on the brides’ dress. Listening to hundreds of bridesmaid speeches has cued me in on when the jokes are coming to capture the bride’s candid laughter. Hearing the song chosen for the father-daughter dance, lets me know to watch for tears or laughter shared between the two of them.
It takes years of experience to know where to stand and how to anticipate the next shot to capture candid wedding moments. The more weddings a photographer shoots, the more we learn. Just like any other industry in our world, the learning never ends. The leading experts in any field strive to continue to improve. We never settle to be “good-enough” nor do we ever feel we have mastered our trade. We are always seeking the best ways to impress our clients and ourselves.
Enjoy these top-10 wedding moment photos that took place in Spokane, Coeur d’Alene and Schweitzer!

wedding details
wedding ring details
wedding preparation candid
must have wedding photos
dynamic wedding photo in barrister winery
Must have wedding moments
Schweitzer wedding
Rainy must have wedding photos
must have wedding moments
must have wedding moments

When researching your perfect wedding photographer, be sure their idea of important wedding moments align with your own. Read their blogs, review their images and scour their social media.
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