Sexy Football Boudoir

Boudoir photos are a great way to surprise your lover with a unique and very personal gift.  When considering your wardrobe for the shoot think about adding a playful side.  Many of my boudoir babes have brought in special props to add that little edge of playful vixen, toying with him on so many levels. One common theme I have seen in the studio is football boudoir!

Football has always been aligned with; sexy woman, jerseys, bed tossed hair and of course beer!  Men get so excited for all of these, why not add some of them to your pictures?  One of my favorite boudoir looks is the football t-shirt with perfect perky under-boob peaking out.  This is so very suggestive and playful.  I love the contrast of the masculine sports logos near the most feminine body part.  He will love to see his team nestled up close to your breasts.

If you want to pull off this look you will need to come prepared with a few things.  Seek out a snug shirt with enough stretch that it wont cut into your skin, or create a line.  A smooth fit across your breast is essential. We can fold the shirt up to show the logo and your lovely ladies, or you can cut the shirt prior to your shoot.  Along with the shirt it is also important to bring sexy panties to match.  I am not opposed to a completely naked bottom either! These shoots are all about you and your comfort.  I find that more skin showing is better! And as always, shoes are just as important as the rest of the outfit, read more about shoe choices here.

Could you imagine leaving your husband in the bedroom to open his surprise and then emerge into the room wearing the football t-shirt you wore in the pictures He would feel like he found heaven!

Enjoy the following sexy football boudoir images!

football boudoir

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