Special details of your wedding day

So much time and effort goes in to the tiniest elements of a wedding day.  It is exhausting at times for a bride and groom to make all the decisions they need to make to pull off an amazing event and a perfect wedding day.  Its so much more than a venue, a pastor and a dress.  You spend countless hours picking your cake decorator, tasting different cakes, and choosing toppers.  Do you do traditional cake or hit up the trending cupcake fad?  (Which by the way buys so much time and effort on the actual day.  Talk about easy clean up!)  Your wedding shoes not only fit just right but they set the feel of the day; boots for the country girl, lace up for the old-fashioned at heart, spikes for the edgy gal, and those sports girls some times sneak in a pair of sneakers under those layers.  Your wedding rings are shiny and new, grandma’s pearls lay just right, your new husband snuck in super hero t-shirts under the wire. Believe it or not these little details are the things that will bring back big bursts of strong emotion and memories for years to come.  This is why I always take the time to capture these little pieces of your day.

I love seeing the details of wedding decorations.  I appreciate the time and effort that goes into everything that makes your love unique.  What is really fun is when I get to visit the same venue with different couples and see how their special love changes the environment completely!  This really helps keep my job from getting stale!  The shoot is never the same and I am so lucky to continually get to expand my creativity, and taste so many different cakes! I love cake.

Wedding details

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Wedding Shoes

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Wedding Details
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Downtown Spokane Wedding

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