Bridal Boudoir-The Sexiest Wedding Gift!

Bridal boudoir photo sessions are the hottest trend and brides all over the world are jumping in with excitement to gift their spouses the ultimate sexy-wedding present on their big day! It’s not a new idea, nor is it new to the photography world. While the term “boudoir photography” began making an appearance in the last couple of decades, intimate photography has been around as long as cameras have existed. Well, duh! Of course humans began recording the beauty of the female body on film as soon as they could!
Only recently has the popularity risen to share an intimate album as a wedding gift. And what a fantastic gift it is! Being some of my clients’  boudoir photographer AND wedding photographer, I get to personally deliver the albums to the grooms. Witnessing their reactions is simply priceless. I see shock, excitement, admiration, anticipation, joy, humor, and of course embarrassment because another woman is handing them the 2nd most sexiest thing they’ve ever held in their hands (their bride being the 1st of course).
If you’re considering a bridal boudoir session in Spokane, you’ve come to the right spot. I, Crystal Madsen, specialize in these intimate lingerie shoots because I literally LOVE my job. I mean, think about it: I get to shoot beautiful women in a private space. I get to laugh with you and show you on the back of my camera how damn sexy you really are. I get to fill you with a confidence that you may not know you have. I also get to help you give a secret piece of yourself to your loved one. That’s a pretty kickass job if you ask me.
So, why should you choose Crystal Madsen Photography for your bridal boudoir session? Aside from the fact that my work shows how much I love my job, I have a few reasons for you. Most importantly, I am pretty confident that you’ll love me. I am so over-joyed that you have chosen me and entrusted me to capture such an intimate side of yourself, I HAVE to return the favor by being the most comfortable person you have ever met. I create a professional and super casual setting so you feel at ease, and I try my best to be-friend you. I’m a bit goofy, a bit silly, and definitely the most non-judgmental person you will ever cross paths with. Like, seriously. My husband would tell you it can be a fault at times.
I also give fantastic direction and demonstrations. This is important to know!! I have many boudoir babes exhale the largest breath of anxiety when I tell them this just before we get started. You are NOT to know what you are doing! That is my job 🙂 Yes, if you can practice a few poses beforehand to get an idea of what we’ll be aiming for, superb! But, no, I do not expect you to have pose ideas or experience.
Paying attention to detail is my game. Noting drives me battier than reviewing images in the computer and seeing a tag poking out, or a twisted strap. I do by best to resolve any “eye sores” in the studio so there is as little editing to do as possible. I do not enjoy editing as much as I enjoy shooting. This goes along with posing. I do a great job at hiding insecurities with posing. Pair great wardrobe with great posing and we blow your mind.
I am naturally a sensual person. I don’t know when it happened, or when I began to notice it because I was the epitome of a Tomboy in school. I played sports, I preferred boys for friends over girls, my hair was short, I hated my boobs, I showed off scrapes and bruises to the boys I had crushes on because of course it would impress them that I slid into 2nd base without any leg protection, I wore backward baseball caps, and sported baggy shirts to disguise those hideous mounds on my chest. I still have no idea how I grabbed the attention of my husband. I really didn’t start getting in touch with my “girly” side until after I had my Aubrey in 2008. I guess the pink glitter was always inside of me, but was waiting for a reason to explode. Inside the boudoir studio I channel my sensuality into my posing while I direct and demonstrate. If I can portray your passion with a shrug of a shoulder, or ecstasy with a bite of a lip, and anticipation with your hand softly gliding over your body then we both have won! Sensual poses come natural to me, and when I see your body slide into the beautifully suggestive pose, that’s when the magic happens.
In the end, I know my stuff and we have a blast. I know how to read and manipulate light, I know how to pose and direct, I know how to have fun and I demand excellence out of myself. You will not be disappointed in your bridal boudoir session with me 😀 If I haven’t convinced you yet, I have a great collection of blog posts that should help. Look out for posts that discuss What To Wear, why Shoe Choice is important, and Discovering Your Secret Sexy Superpower.

And of course, check out this bridal boudoir with Miss S. She did the shoot as a gift for her fiance so she could wrap up an album on their wedding day. I get thrilled when brides bring in their veil for their boudoir shoot! The poses we get to incorporate with this delicate piece are some of my favorite. But she didn’t keep all outfits so prim and proper! She matched the innocent bride with a touch of pure vixen donning a racy black piece that fit her body type perfectly. Of course, and as always, I do not share any images without the model or client’s consent.
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passionate boudoir“Always sexy. Always classy. Always beautiful”~Crystal Madsen

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